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436 South 7th Street, Suite 200 Louisville, KY

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will-cowley-attorneyA native of Louisville, Kentucky, Will Cowley grew up in the Highlands before heading to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky from where he graduated in 2003. After undergrad, Mr. Cowley attended Chase College of Law in Northern Kentucky where he earned his law degree in 2007.

Initially, Mr. Cowley worked for several larger Louisville firms where he represented insurance companies against individuals seeking compensation for their injuries. Unsatisfied with his career, Mr. Cowley decided to open the Cowley Law Office where he could fight for individuals and their rights against the insurance companies. He has found this career change to be both challenging and rewarding.  Now, he is able to use his unique skills to ensure that victims of others’ negligence and carelessness and their family members receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

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Your claim has a specific timeframe in which you must act on it. To schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Cowley, please call 502-855-3142 or send us an e-mail today. We will travel to any convenient location and offer evening and weekend consultations by appointment.